Altaussee - Austria


Altaussee lake

There are many programmed events also throughout the summer, so its worth checking the DIARY EVENTS.


Up the mountain road from “Lichtersberlodge”, is the main entrance to the saltmine which is still in use to transfer brine to the main salt mine in Bad Ischl. A guided tour will take you deep into the mountain to the “Barbara Kapelle” (a salt chapel) followed by a tour to the inner “Salzberg” to the main attraction the saltlake, which is accessible via a fun slide.

During the war Hitler hid many famous artwork treasures he had looted from around Europe in the saltmine. When he realized he could be defeated, he planned to secretly blow up the salt mine.  The plan was thwarted by the locals who uncovered this plot.....more


This small lake at the end of the Grundlsee is a stunning short walk by shear cliffs to get to in (only about 20mins). Towards the end of the war Hitler sunk a U-boat in the lake with full fake pound notes which he planned to use to flood the British economy. Pictures of the U-boat and the fake pound notes are exhibited at the “Fischerhütte” restaurant accessible via a short picturesque walk at the end of the village. Another attraction is a boat ride to the three secret lakes which can be taken from the “Fischerhütte”....more info


This is also an easy “no peddle” stunning bike ride.  A train can also be taken from Bad Aussee, which is a stunning ride through the mountains. Hallstatt is worth a cultural day trip. This village is built into the mountain, and has a famous prehistoric cemetery which was excavated during the middle half of the 19th century. more.....


The “Dachstein-Rieseneishöhle” (giant ice caves) is famous for large caverns filled with ice. The ice grew in the past 500 years, when the climate became colder after a warm period during the middle ages.

The locaction is Obertraun, Salzkammergut and is only a short train or car ride away. If you are intending to take a day trip, there is also a beautiful walk from Altaussee to Obertraun. more

ST. WOLFGANG (the sound of music) map

Just a 45 min car or bus ride away St Wolfgang is where the famous mountain scenes were shot in the “Sound of Music”.  Its a lovely town set on the lake, but can be very busy as its a real tourist trap.  On the way to St. Wolfgang is also the “Schafbergbah” which was featured in the film. more


The place where the 1st world war plans were put into motion, its a nice place to visit with various shops. Bad Ischl was the former summer capital of the great Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and has been associated with the Habsburg imperial dynasty for at least 700 years. The Imperial villa in Ischl, the emperor’s summer residence, was described by Franz Josef I as “heaven on earth” for himself and his family and is well worth a visit.   An easy bike ride down hill from the “Blaa Alm in Altaussee will take you straight to Bad Isch. Otherwise Bad Ischl is a 30 min. car or train ride away


Just over an hour away, its a good day trip out. The old town is just a small part of this city, where you can visit Mozart”s birthhouse and the famous “Salzburg” castle on the hill also featured in the “Sound of Music”. Salzburg is also a great place for shopping.  more info

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